Crack Down on Torrent Sites

After numerous High Court applications, UK Internet Service Providers (ISP) have again been ordered to block access to a number of the world’s largest torrent sites, (for those of you that are not aware what a torrent site is……Torrent is short for BitTorrent, in the simplest of terms… BitTorrent is technology that allows people to distribute files over the internet, although it may be used legitimately, unfortunately for many copyright owners, this technology is commonly used to share music and pirated movies illegally.

Although the ISPs have blocked access to the sites, several reverse proxies have been launched. These proxy sites allow users access to the blocked sites and essentially bypass the restrictions put in place by the High Court and the ISPs.

The most recent target of the UK blocking action is the TV-torrent site EZTV. The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) had applied to the High Court for ISPs to block access to the site in July, however soon after the blocks were put into place EZTV proxies began emerging, ISPs have been asked to block these too.

Proxy blocks are currently active on the BT, O2 and BSkyB networks, further ISPs are set to follow suit in the near future. Despite these blocks proxies still continue to emerge, the issue is how effective are these blocks? And is there really any point? FACT have stated that they shall continue to ask the court for additional orders to eliminate the use of the torrent sites, a spokesperson for FACT commented:

“We have made it clear that we will seek action against sites that continue to provide unremitting mass access to infringing content following due legal process”

Who will win the war against copyright infringement??? We shall have to wait and see!

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