Copyright And Your Business

Copyright is often ignored or not quite trusted. Unlike what you could term the hard intellectual property rights like the daddy patents or trade marks and designs, it cannot be registered so in a sense must always be tested to come to life.

But because copyright is intellectual property like other property rights it can be sold, licensed, assigned, inherited and dealt with as any property. Property as they say, is big business. Intellectual property at some level accounted for California surpassing France in 2000 to become the fifth largest economy in the world and copyright players accounted for a large part of that (see the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation for details.)

Copyright can be an important source of income for your business.

Say your business owns the copyright in a piece of work. Despite the advent of the internet age copyright can be commercially managed in order to make money. It may be a technical manual, it may be royalties on a jingle, you control it commercially. It may be a secret formula your company devised a trade secret. It may be your company’s trade dress, the way you present yourselves.

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Section 31 your work may not be adapted, performed or broadcast without your permission.

The trick to making copyright work for you is hard to judge, and often not obvious till quite late in the day. As an unregisterable right it is framed in large part by court decisions, and settlements. This makes it interesting but unpredictable. Lawdit Solicitors has strong experience in copyright cases on either side.

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