Company Wins Important Ruling

Summary judgment in a significant patent infringement suit concerning clustered database software has been won by Oracle Corporation. The ruling ends the proceedings against Oracle but allows Oracle to proceed on its claims that MangoSoft’s patent is invalid and unenforceable”This decision eliminates the threat to continued sales and revenues, and demonstrates the company’s resolve to vigorously defend against unfounded claims attacking its products,” said a company spokesperson. On March 14, 2006, the U.S. District Court in New Hampshire ruled in favour of Oracle on its motion for summary judgment that it did not infringe a patent held by MangoSoft, Inc, a small software developer with less than $500,000 in revenues for its last fiscal year. It had sued Oracle in 2002, claiming infringement of its patent on shared memory technology and sought an injunction to stop Oracle from further sales of software and over $500 million in damages.

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