Chubby Checker V Hewlett Packard: 500 Million dollar Trade Mark lawsuit!

Chubby Checker (real name Ernest Evans), famous for The Twist song (that was a mega hit in the sixties) has filled a 500 million dollar!!!……. lawsuit against Hewlett Packard.

The law suit has been filled against the US technology firm following the release of what was initially thought to be a lighthearted app, named after the 60s star that enabled women to figure out the size of a males manhood based on the length of his feet. Chubby was not at all amused……

The app boasted:

All you need to do is find out the man’s shoe size and plug it in, Now with the Chubby Checker there is no need for disappointment or surprise!

Chubby Checker (real name Ernest Evans) had trade marked his stage name of Chubby Checker back in the 90s. His lawyers state:

– The release of the app has caused irreparable damage to their client by associating him with sexual connotation, so tarnishing his stage name.

– Purchasers of the app were being mislead into believing that the 60s star had endorsed the app.

– The defendants are exploiting their client’s name without permission (with a view to make a profit) and this is simply, just not right.

To see whether Chubby is successful in recovering the 500 million, we shall have to watch this space!

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