China announces results of 2018 ‘special action’ on copyright

On 27th February 2019 a statement was issued by the National Copyright Administration (NCA) regarding China’s success on clamping down on online piracy following ‘special action’ being taken. It is reported by NCA that as a result of this the Jianwang operation removed 1.85 million links to infringing content online. It was also reported that there had been 544 investigations which focused upon copyright violations which resulted in 74 criminal cases. It has also been reported that the authorities have removed 570,000 online videos considered to be infringing works.

The statement made by the NCA has indicated that they are looking to pursue another ‘special action’ in the coming year. This comes after an agreement was formed between the NCA and the establishment of the china financial media copyright alliance for the protection of copyright of books between organisations. The results of the actions taken by the relevant authorities have occurred as a result of China’s efforts to strengthen IP enforcement within the country by announcing a new range of punishments for IP violations.

This statement comes at a good time after the World Intellectual Property Review reported last month that political advisers and businesses had called for increased efforts to improve Chinas IP protection regime.

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