Cheap E-Cigarettes from China not safe for your PC

Electronic Cigarettes, healthier but not necessarily safer.

E-cigarettes are touted to be the safer option than actually smoking, however Chinese criminals have found a way to affect your computer’s health instead.

Chinese hackers have been uploading malicious software to the USB chargers that are bundled together with the E-cigarettes. The cheap devices are for sale all over the internet, especially eBay.

To charge the cigarettes, you must place it in the charging cradle and then plug the charging cable in to the computer. Large companies are being infected with malware because of this. The devices cost under £5 and are primarily found on eBay.

The moral of the story is to question the quality of something you bought on eBay for under £5. Any product bought from China that plugs in to a computer, you should be wary of. It is reported that Chinese hackers are targeting mobile phone uses and have developed more powerful tools to exploit users. A mobile malware kit in China can cost as little as £10 on the black market.

In June of this year it was reported that the Star 9500 smartphone, which is built in China and shipped throughout the world contained malware programs preinstalled.

When you see the ‘Made in China’ maybe you should think twice as to why it is so cheap.

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