Celebrities hit in the latest social media hack

This time, it was photo sharing app Instagram who have to pick up the pieces are hackers have accessed details of celeb users.

The social network, which is owned by Facebook believes that ‘one or more’ hackers has gained access to information from verified accounts.

An account is verified if it is essential the user to deemed to be the person they are claiming to be. Therefore, the majority of verified accounts are held by public figures or celebrities.

Instagram have released a statement to say that passwords have not been stolen but holder of verified Instagram accounts have been warned to keep an eye out for any suspicious account activity.

It is thought the hackers have obtained email addresses and phone numbers from prominent figures in the cyber-attack.

It is not clear which accounts have been affected or how the hack took place but it is thought it was achieved through a bug in Instagram’s own software.

Instagram is one of the world’s most used social networks with over 500 million users worldwide, if it is proven this hack was possible due to Instagram’s own neglect of a bug, we may see this social favourite fall out of favour.

By Ellis Sweetenham

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