CBI Call for Intellectual Property Minister

The employers’ organisation CBI has called for the way British intellectual property is looked after in international markets to be reviewed.

 The CBI have stated that whilst it believes that the Patent Office does conduct effective work, it feels that copyright protection is often overlooked in an international sense and ‘should be given the prominence it deserves’.

The CBI has suggested that the best way to tackle the problem is to appoint a minister to be solely responsible for the protection of intellectual property rights overseas.

Currently, the task falls to Lord Sainsbury, the Minister for Science and Innovation, however, it is argued that the matter of intellectual property should not be one of many responsibilities for a minister but instead, the only responsibility for one minister.

 It could be argued that the views of CBI are correct and remedial action is long over due. Intellectual property, whether it be trade marks, copyright, patents or designs, sparks a culture of innovation which is effective not only on the economy but also on the progression of society. Therefore the function of, and subsequently the protection of, intellectual property should be given high regard and priority.

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