Can I make copies of the music I bought?

The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and The Musicians` Union are threatenig legal action over the government`s new legislation. According to Ms Vick Bain, chief executive of Basca, music creators must be compensated as a result of the lost sales.

Although MU, BASCA and UK Music support the private copying exception legislation, they have criticised the fact that it fails to include provisions which would provide musicians, composers and rights holders with fair compensation which accounts for loss of sales. The decision of the UK Government to omit this provision is in stark contrast to the position adopted by other European countries which have introduced the copying exception.

The UK Music press release states that “it is the compensatory element of a private copying exception that lies at the heart of EU law and underpins common respect for the songwriters, composers and musicians whose work is copied.”

During the Judicial Review process the UK High Court will investigate the UK Government’s decision on the exception to ascertain that it was legal.  The muisc industry hopes that the challenge will result in the legislation being amended.

So watch this space

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