BT Granted Stay In File Sharing Proceedings

BT have been granted a stay on an order requiring them to hand over the identities of subscribers suspected of illegal file sharing.

In a hearing at the UK High Court BT requested an order requiring it to hand over the identities of its subscribers who are suspected of illegal file sharing to be stayed. Record label Ministry of Sound hired law firm Gallant Macmillan to pursue internet users suspected of sharing its songs online, like a number of similar firms Gallant Macmillan identified computer IP addresses identitied as carrying out the activity and then asks ISPs to identify the subscriber in question. There has been a great deal of media interest of late focussed on file sharing with internet leaks following cyber attacks on ACS law another firm carrying out such work. BT have said: “We want to ensure broadband subscribers are adequately protected so that rights holders can pursue their claims for copyright infringement without causing unnecessary worry to innocent people…the incident involving the ACS:Law data leak has further damaged people’s confidence in the current process. We’re pleased that the court has agreed to an adjournment so that our concerns can be examined by the court, this will then act as a precedent/test case for the future.”

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