Broadcom wins damages in Qualcomm patent case

A federal judge in California has awarded Broadcom Corp. double damages totalling $39.3 million in

its patent infringement case against wireless chip rival Qualcomm Inc.

Broadcom said on August 13 that U.S. District Judge James Selna also ordered San Diego-based
Qualcomm to pay Broadcom’s attorneys’ fees in the litigation. The case involves past infringement
of three Broadcom wireless chip patents by Qualcomm.

In May, a federal jury in Santa Ana, California, found that Qualcomm infringed the three Broadcom
patents and awarded it $19.64 million in damages. Last week (Aug. 7), a federal judge in San Diego
ruled that Qualcomm engaged in “aggravated litigation misconduct” in a patent infringement case
involving two digital video compression patents. The judge awarded Broadcom attorneys’ fees and
court costs in that case. Also last week, the Bush administration let stand an earlier ruling by
the International Trade Commission barring importation of Qualcomm chips that infringe a Broadcom

An injunction hearing will consider Broadcom’s request to bar future patent infringement by

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