Britney finally receives a win for independence from her father after decade-long battle from legal conservatorship

Britney Spears may have been in the limelight for reasons she may not want to relive thanks to her turbulent public life. After her mental breakdown, she promptly proceeded to disappear from public life following her father’s control and requests. A new, viral documentary titled Framing Britney Spears, produced by the New York Times, features the star’s troubled life, relationships, and events. It focuses, specifically, on her struggles both physically and mentally, noting her troubled father-daughter relationship.

Her father, James ‘Jamie’ Spears, has had control over the stars’ investments since her 2008 public mental breakdown, through a court-ordered conservatorship. (Also known as a guardianship in the U.S.) The agreement gives her father substantial control over her personal life, power over her career and finances, as well as dictating and organising her relationship with her teenage sons, where it is rumoured, she has been refused visitation to them on their birthdays for the length of the timeframe of the agreement. 

The Toxic singer, now 39, had the legal conservatorship put in place following concerns for her mental health, as they are often put in place for individuals with weakened abilities, who struggle to be independent. However, Britney and her legal team have been fighting for her freedom for a significant amount of time. Previous attempts to release the star from the agreement have been unsuccessful thus far, as demonstrated in November last year, where her legal team ineffectively attempted to free her from her father’s control via the conservatorship.

The newly released documentary puts a spotlight on Spears’ fans who have created the ‘Free Britney’ movement, in an attempt to highlight their beliefs that the star’s father has been controlling her against her will. The movement, which has existed prior to this court case, advocates to end the conservatorship, with some of her supporters seen outside of the Los Angeles court on Thursday during the trial. 

Her lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, was rumoured to have explained that the singer was afraid of her father overseeing her personal life, stating that she would prefer a third party, professional institute control her estate. 

At the LA hearing last Thursday, Britney won the trial, with James Spears losing his right to authorise over the star’s estate, worth an estimated £43m last year, after Judge Brenda J Perry refused the defendant’s request to maintain his sole power over his daughter’s life. Although the singer did not appear at the trial, her father was seen via video call to represent his attendance, and to witness his loss. 

Following the ruling, Britney’s estate is now under equal power between her father and, as she wished, a third-party financial institute, the Bessemer Trust; a huge win for the star’s decade-long fight for her independence.

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