Boom Boom Claim

The Black Eyed Peas have reportedly been accused of plagiarism by rapper Phoenix Phenom and songwriter Manfred Mohr.

Phenom and Mohr are claiming that Black Eyed Pea’s hit ‘Boom Boom Pow’ is virtually identical to their song ‘Boom Dynamite’. As part of proving copyright infringement one must show that the work has actually been copied, theoretically two people sat in seperate rooms could both write an identical song, the fact that they were the same would not mean that there was a copyright infringement as there is a lack of copying. You may think that this is ridiculous, after all surely people would just say ‘no I didn’t copy it’. However if it can be shown that the defendant would have heard the track then this is normally enough. For example if a song has had considerable radio plays or exposure that it may be considered that the defendant would have heard the song. In this case Phenom and Mohr claim to have submitted a demo of their track to the Black Eyed Peas record label Interscope, if this is the case then it will give them a good basis for claiming that their copyright has been infringed.

It is interesting to note the increase in the number of plagarism cases, perhaps the increase in the use of the internet has led to easier access for songwriters etc to others works and thus an increase in sub concious copying.

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