Benefit for users of ‘collective management organisations’ through new Directive

Coming into force on the 10th April 2016, UK right holders that license their rights through collective management organisations (CMO’s) will receive more control through the new Collective Rights Management Directive.

Collective management organisations are appointed by copyright owners to help keep a control over their rights as well as aiding with the collection of royalties and the enforcing on their rights over third parties.

The main aim of the new Directive is to ensure royalty payments are accurate and timely as well as increasing transparency across Europe in relation to the governance of European CMO’s.

This is also another step towards the securing of a Digital Single Market.

Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Neville-Rolfe made comment on the new developments and said “This is great news for UK rights holders who deserve to be paid accurately and promptly for their work. I am certain that the increased oversight and transparency offered to artists will improve the standards of collective management organisations across Europe, and make the entire process run more smoothly. It is right that artists have more choice over who manages their work and how they do it.”

This new Directive can only benefit copyright and other IP owners and gives another step towards complete transparency. It also gives a clear incentive to develop new products and further creativity.Â

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