Battle against online piracy steps up

Proactive steps taken by content owners to battle online piracy

In the UK the High Court has ordered ISPs accounting for 94% of the UK broadband market to block access to 3 popular music and movie file sharing websites as record labels such as Sony, Universal and EMI step up the battle against online piracy.

In last weeks judgment Mr. Justice Arnold ordered Sky, BT, O2, Talk Talk, Virgin Media and Everything Everywhere to block or at the least impede access to the offending sites KAT , Fenopy and H33T which apparently generated extensive traffic in the UK.

The offending sites allow visitors to download music and movies through bit torrents, without paying a penny. The High Court ruling is the third to be issued in the last couple of years, in past rulings ISPs have been ordered to block access to the famous Pirate Bay and Newsbin1 sites in previous attempts to curb illegal downloading.

Each of the websites claimed they operated a policy whereby they would remove copyrighted material upon a takedown request, however court action was pursued as record companies claimed that attempts to get the sites to remove material breaching copyright had proved ineffective.

The chief executive of the British Phonographic Industry, Geoff Taylor, commented that despite the law lagging behind modern technology and the access to such sites still being available through proxy addresses, the High Court rulings have proven effective .

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