Ashley Madison action using copyright


As previously reported on the Lawdit reading room, Ashley Madison, the notorious dating website that encourages infidelity, has recently suffered a large scale security breach. Many users of the website have been threatened with the release of their personal data after hackers collected over a million users personal information including credit card details and addresses.

To combat this attack, the dating service is trying to enforce copyright takedown notices to get a grasp on the problem and limit the damage the hackers are currently causing. These takedown requests have been sent to social networks and file sharing sites on which the stolen data is being periodically released by the hackers.

Ashely Madison has had some success through Facebook and Twitter in taking down links to dumps of this stolen data. However, the majority of the data is shared through specialist websites and hidden servers which can be very difficult to combat through legitimate means as it is unclear where to send the takedown notice.

With the hackers spreading the data out to different sites and in different forms all the time, Ashley Madison have still got a long way to go before they can get a proper grasp on this hack. Therefore users of this extramarital dating service have still got a lot to worry about.

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