ASA holds that Sadicliffe Motor Group breached rule 3.1

The offending advert which was broadcasted over the radio stated that Sandicliffe was “MPS-approved” the argument against this advert was that this would imply that an official body had indeed approved Sandicliffe, when in fact this was not the case.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the “MPS” was a body set up by Sandicliffe themselves – therefore such a body would not be seen to be objective in the way in which they make these “approvals”. Yet further, there was no evidence by way of claification that this MPS body was official, thereby adding to the misleading nature of the advertisement itself.

This ruling is welcomed as it goes towards and at the same time confirms that in providing information to the consumer which is correct does go towards helping that consumer make an informed judgment as to whether or not to purchase the goods or services to which that information relates and also this go towards improving the consumers confidence in the market which impacts positively on the economy.

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