Apple’s new Patent

The US Patent & Trademark Office published on 24 October 2006 Apple’s new patent for a Camera Latch. Apple’s patent is to be used on a laptop computer and to a camera latch that is incorporated into a laptop computer.

The Camera Latch

Apple launched their first laptop with an integrated camera in October 2005 without using this patent method. One of the advantages about this new patent is that the latch in this patent could be pivoted between a first position (as shown in FIGS. 2A and 2B) and a second position (as shownin FIGS. 2C and 2D). By providing a pivoting action, the position of the latch can be adjusted to place the latch outside the lid when it is closed or being prepared to closed and to place the latch in multiple camera viewing positions when the lid is opened.Â

This is going to be great for businesses, for example, during a video conference the user can adjust the latch position to place the line of sight of the camera on the user.Â

Summary from the Patent ApplicationÂ

The invention relates, in one embodiment, to a portable computer. The portable computer includes a base. The portable computer also includes a lid that pivots relative to the base. The portable computer further includes a latch configured to secure the lid to the base. The latch includes a data capture device such as a camera.

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