Apple v Samsung…the latest

Apple has been told to re-write a statement on its publications relating to its design rights dispute with Samsung. UK judges have given Apple 2 days in which to do this. Apple was ordered to publish a statement confirming Samsung had not infringed the ipad design earlier this month, they have now been ordered to remove the statement as Samsung complained the statement was not consistent with the earlier court order.

In particular, Samsung complained that the statement posted by Apple was misleading and inaccurate as it included comments regarding favourable rulings for Apple in the US and Germany, therefore creating the impression that the UK courts were not in line with other courts. The UKs current ruling is in fact applicable throughout the EU.

The purpose of Apple having to publish the statement is to remove the commercial uncertainty surrounding Samsung products that has arisen since the legal battle with Apple. Apple had attempted to obtain a ban on Samsung products following the alleged copying of the ipad design but were unsuccessful, quite rightfully it is up Apple to clear up any doubt in the minds of the consumer as to the originality of the Samsung products.

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