Apple U-turn following Swift concern

Global music giant, Apple, have reversed on its decision to not give artists royalties for their music during a three month free trial they are offering to their subscribers.

Even though a number of record labels and their trade bodies had rejected this notion, it was country-pop superstar Taylor Swift that was the tipping point for Apple to re-consider. The mega star refused to allow the music giant to stream her new album ‘1989’ to eager listeners if they continued to enforce the ‘no royalties’ policy. With Taylor’s album being one of the best sellers this year to date, there needed to be a change to ensure Apple Music was to maximise interest.

As Swift had voiced her opinion publicly stating that the streaming service was ‘unfair’ and Apple were looking to the artists to ‘shoulder the financial burden for their global launch’, Apple Music needed to act quickly and boldly as to make a statement showing they were acting in a fair way.

Therefore, they decided to make a complete u-turn and announced they would pay artists for music streamed during the 3 month period that they were offering free to subscribers. It is clear that now Apple will be looking for Swift’s support following this change to maximise interest from her fans and other music fans across the globe.

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