Apple patent reveals wireless headphones will have the ability to establish voice communications between two headsets.

Apple has filed a patent application regarding a wireless communication device that would enable two nearby headphone sets to communicate with each other. This feature could provide a collective audio experience, one that can be enjoyed by two users simultaneously. 

The aspect which can appear most helpful is that users can share content, make comments, and communicate, without the need to pause the audio or lift a headphone. It would be ideal for gamers who are within close proximity of each other, as it would enable both parties to interact with the audio at the same time. The feature of being able to talk over it is also great for users as it means the game doesn’t need to be disrupted.

Now, you may be wondering why headphones are even necessary in such scenario. It simply enables the gamer to hear every detail which requires their attention, within the game. This can sometimes be missed without a proper headset. It can also be used to watch TV shows together, without possibly disrupting any parties around you. It is a simple, yet innovative idea, as such hasn’t previously been seen with wireless headphones.

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