Apple must pay back taxes

Apple in trouble again!

This is because Apple had failed to pay copie privee tax, which is a tax, in some European countries which applies to digital devices that can display, copy and transfer copyrighted content.

SACEM collects this tax and then distributes the royalties to musicians, writers, content creators etc. This tax is purported to protect such content makers from illegal content.

Apple was previously ordered to pay 5 million Euros in unpaid taxes in 2011 but failed to do so. SACEM also alleged that Apple increased the price of their iPads in order to cover the copie privee tax but then failed to remit said monies to the Society.

It has also been alleged that Apple owes in excess of 30 million Euros. However the order issued in the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris by Judge Courboulay was only in regard to the period between March 2012 and December 2012 and therefore only ordered a sum of 12 million Euros.

The French courts are demanding this sum be paid to Copie France although it seems Apple are reluctant to comply.


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