Apple in patent hot water over fitness app

Apple has encountered a patent problem, in relation to their Health app which is loaded on their iPhone, iPad and iWatch devices.

Software company, Uniloc filed a claim last week, in the US, claiming that Apple had infringed three of their patents which cover fitness apps.

The claim was in relation to Apple’s fitness app and its aid in the user counting their steps and recording their movement.

Uniloc are the owner of three registered patents in the US which relate to motion sensor software, and have been since their registration in 2010.

The claim states that Apple have infringed Uniloc’s three patents by uploading the app to their devices.

The claim did not specify the level of damages that Uniloc wish to recover but if they are successful in establishing that Apple has infringed, they are in for a substantial pay-out.

As this claim is so new, no indication of the merits of the claim have emerged but it will definitely be one to watch for those in the tech world, especially those who are health conscious.

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