Apple in Patent Dispute

Apple, the owner of the Mac, has been accused of infringing another company’s patent. Â alleges that Apple has infringed four of its patents which relate to music and video downloads on demand.

Burst has filed its complaint before the US District Court in San Francisco is a direct response to Apple lawsuit filed against Burst for revocation of its patents 4,963,995 5,995,705 5,057,932 and 5,164,839 and a ruling of non-infringement.

Microsoft took a similar approach in 2005 when similar claims were made against it by Burst. However, Microsoft entered into an out-of-court settlement where it entered into a $60m licence agreement.

The claim against Apple requests that the court force Apple to suspend its sales of iPod QuickTime and the iTunes jukebox application. Furthermore, it also wants iTunes Music Store to be shuttered. Burst claims that all four of Apple’s products and services infringe its patents. Burst is also looking to recover reasonable royalty costs from Apple.

Burst was reported to have said: Â

“While we had hoped to avoid litigation and negotiate a reasonable license fee, it is Apple’s own actions that have forced our hand…”

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