Apple has filed a patent that could enable a way for a child or employee’s Apple Watch to be controlled by a parent or employer.

The USPTO has published yet another of Apple’s patents, one which relates to the future satellite Apple Watch, set to possibly perform tasks like an iPhone that is controlled by the parent of a child. Another application also refers to the possibility of a corporate Apple Watch which can be given to key employees and be controlled by companies to provide information and updates. 

The invention in question would consist of an association between a satellite and the device which can be under the account of an employee or a child, as per the patent. This differs to a normal account, as that would have to be accompanied by a paired smartphone. The iWatch can therefore be used as a primary device and enable information to be synchronized with the family or company account. 

Data such as calendars, media, and reminders can be accessed and shared between all synched parties, in order to share family or business plans for example. Furthermore, parents and employers can create the accounts on behalf of the parties which they wish to use the iWatch. The patent was filed back in Q2 2020, and as it is still in the process of application, details of the likelihood of this feature being released are unknown.

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