Topsy Labs is a social media data analytics firm which specialises in tracking customer sentiment on Twitter. It has access to over 400 billion tweets and it has the ability to analyse the sentiment and frequency around any given topic. By acquiring Topsy Labs, Apple has gained real time access to the Twitter fire hose.

The Twitter fire hose allows marketing and analytical firms to have immediate and guaranteed access to all tweets, links and images that match the user’s criteria. Topsy Labs is one of a few companies that have access to the fire hose.

With Apple buying Matcha.TV and the data compression company AlgoTrim, it seems Apple is looking to bolster other services it provides such as its iTunes Radio, iAds, Siri, Safari web browser and Apple TV. By purchasing Topsy Labs Apple has opened up another avenue to gauge customer experiences as well as use popular topics and trends to enhance its brand and products.

Topsy Labs have already indicated they will be updating its privacy policy to reflect its collaboration with Apple. With the processing of such a large amount of data it will also need to ensure its data protection policies and safeguards remain compliant with all of the relevant legislation. For more information on data protection when buying and selling a business please click here.


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