After Incorporation

Being issued with the certificate of incorporation is by no means the final step in creating a company.

After receiving the certificate of incorporation the board of directors must:

  • Approve the costs of forming the company
  • Adopt a company seal (if the company is to have one)
  • Adopt a accounting reference date i.e. the date to which the company’s accounts are to be made up to
  • Adopt a business name (at all times taking advice re trade mark infringement and passing off)
  • Arranging company stationary and statutory books.

On top of the above incorporation formalities a chairman of the board must be appointed, auditors, solicitors etc should be appointed. Share certificates should be sealed, shareholders approved etc. Where an existing business is incorporated contracts etc must be assigned, VAT, PAYE, data protection, trade marks, designs, patents should all be registered and appropriate insurance taken out.

After the initial board meeting and any general meeting that may be required the following must be submitted to the Registrar:

  • Any special resolutions passed
  • Form SH01 – allotment of shares
  • Form AA01 – accounting reference date
  • Form AP01 – appointment of director
  • Form AP02 – appointment of corporate director
  • Form AD02 – notification of inspection notice
  • Form AD03 – change of location of company records.

The company must keep their statutory books these are:

  • a register of directors and secretary (where appropriate)
  • registrar of members
  • registrar of charges
  • copies of director’s service contracts
  • records of all resolutions and shareholder meetings.

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