Acts of primary copyright infringement

Where a person does any of the following restricted acts in the UK without the consent of the copyright owner or a licence granted by the copyright owner, they are committing a primary act of copyright infringement.

Under Section 16(1) and (2) of the CDPA the following are acts of primary infringement:

(1) Copying a copyright work.

(2) Issuing copies of the copyright work to the public.

(3) Renting or lending the work to the public.

(4) Performing, showing or playing a copyright work in public.

(5) Communicating the work to the public.

(6) Making an adaptation of a copyright work or doing any of the acts listed above in relation to an adaptation.

Where a person has authorised another to do any of the restricted acts above it will be deemed an infringement of copyright under section 16(2) of the CDPA.

The above primary infringement arises where the infringer has committed one of the above listed acts in relation to the whole or a substantial part of the copyright work either directly or indirectly under section 16(3) of the CDPA.

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