ACS Law to issue claims

The ACS website have stated the following on its website regarding issuing a claim:-

“Update: the first batch claims have been prepared and were filed at court on Friday, 4 September 2009. Service of the proceedings will be made by first class post and will be with defendants by Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at the very latest. The second batch of defendants will be selected on Monday, 14 September 2009”.

If you receive a claim form please do not ignore it. Contact a Solicitor or someone here at Lawdit. You can contact us at the emails below.

There are two main issues that arise from the claims

1. You did not download the file in questioncould not have infringed the copyright in question and therefore deny liability.

2. You did download it or authorise your family member to do so then how should damages be assessed?

If either applies then we would be interested to hear from you. As our practice has a strong focus on copyright law we are better placed than anyone in the UK to advise and assist in how to defend these claims.

Above all do not ignore these claims, if you ignore and Judgement is awarded against you, legal costs may well be considerable.

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