The Premier Leauge is coming to a pub near you.

I suspect like me that many of you have been to a pub where they are showing PL matches from outside of the UK. These may be from Saudi Arabia for example. These games can be shown using a decoder and some three years ago were the subject of some interesting case law – see the Murphy ECJ case Case C-403/08.

However, while this case has been lauded as a victory for the pub landlady its not strictly accurate as it was also found that the transmitting of games on a television screen in a pub, constituted communication of the Prem’s copyright works (video sequence, anthem, pre-recorded films showing highlights of recent PL matches, or various graphics) to the public, so as to infringe copyright.

A good case to review would be http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Ch/2012/108.html which was followed by the ECJ in Murphy….one quick tip..dont play the anthem!

If you have received a letter from the PL solicitor’s DLA please get in touch and seek our advice – send the letter to info@lawdit.co.uk


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