“Fortnite event of the year” shut down for being unofficial.

UK company Exciting Events LTD has faced public and legal backlash after it’s Norwich based event Fortnite live on Saturday the 16th of Feb was panned by unhappy event goers online. The company advertised “the ultimate Fortnite battle royal”. Many parents complained about the extensive queue times and lack-lustre attractions, such as the ‘cave’ event (which turned out to be a trailer with a tunnel running through it).

The ‘media frenzy’ that occurred after the event attracted the attention of the American based company Epic Games which owns the popular online video game Fortnite. This led to Epic Games issuing a statement in which they said that the “quality of the player experience is incredibly important to us, whether it’s inside the game or at official public events”.

Predictably Epic Games has recently announced that they have issued a claim against Exciting Events in the London high court. Exciting Events has stated that Epic Games has forced the closure of “two pre-booked Fortnite Live events”, and the “removal of all promotional communication from the public domain”. Unfortunately, Exciting events LTD will not be able to plan any more Fortnite events as they have been forced to cease trading and refund creditors.

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