‘Piracy alerts’ coming soon from UK ISP’s

In a bid to reduce online piracy and copyright infringement, the UK’s leading internet service providers have come to an agreement with the music and move industries.

The agreement is to send warnings to alleged copyright infringers indicating to them their unwanted behaviour.

This infringement alert system is part of the larger Creative Content UK initiative which has introduced several anti-piracy campaigns to tackle the UK wide issue.

The system is borrowed from the US system and should provide a good base to battle against repeat copyright infringement offenders.

CCUK, speaking about the warnings stated that, “As well as providing links to help the customer find legal sources of content in future, the email will direct the user to further resources to answer any questions they may have about how the information was obtained and how to make sure their account is not used to infringe content again.”

Several years in the planning, the alerts should start to be distributed in the first months of 2017.

This is another step towards a strong barrier against the illegal viewing and downloading of content online that should be protected by copyright.

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