21 websites shut down;good news or whac a mole?

UK ISPs were ordered last week to block access to 21 websites that infringe rights holders’ copyright. The pressure group which represents the industry the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) hailed it as a victory in what must be seen as one of the largest blocking orders ever.

Two of the latest websites to receive the Order were TorrentHound and ExtraTorrent. However it is doubtful that the BPI can claim totally victory as it is more than likely that the torrent sites will re-emerge using another domain or via a proxy address to get around the Order. Hence the reference to Wack-a-mole.

The more the industry seeks to close these sites down the more they are likely to pop back up again. That said it is a useful exercise by the BPI as it does make it harder for those wishing to download material to find these sites.

Take TorrentHound, currently the website reads “The page you’re looking for has been blocked. We’re complying with a court order that means access to this website has to be blocked to protect against copyright infringement.”

Just underneath the link to the TorrentHoud website is another site devoted to similar sites, there are dozens upon dozens including torrentspy.com, torrenttab.com, torrent-finder.com, torrentbasket.com, mybittorrent.com, isohunt.com, extratorrent.com, h33t.com, torrentreactor.net  and the list goes on.

So its good PR for the BPI to obtain the Order and it will put people off from accessing these websites which is good news but the more determined file sharer will still be able to fill his boots and Whack-a mole continues.


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