10 years and USD130,000.00 for uploading a file?

As of this month Japan is REALLY cracking down on copyright piracy. If you are cuaght possessing illegally downloaded music or movies you couls end up in prison for up to 2 years!!! Also, anyone possessing such infringing material could end up with a fine of USD26,000.00.

If you are caught uploading pirated material you could find yourself locked uup for up to 10 years. Yes that’s right… 10 years in prison for uploading pirated material. On top of this stiff prison term is a possible fine of up to USD 130,000.00.

Although possessing/uploading copyright infringing content has been illegal in Japan since 2010 the penalties only took effect in this month – October 2012.

Japan is the second-largest global music market next to the US with just one in 10 downloads are purchased legally. The country’s new law has been a controversial one with cyber attacks and staged protests taking place.

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