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The Importance of a Trademark Search

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.9

In the second instalment of the trademark basic series Solicitor Ellis Sweetenham discusses the importance of Trademark searches and the due diligence process before the application to register a Trademark.

Ringo Starr and the Ring O Adult Toy

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.8

Michael Coyle Solicitor Advocate and Solicitor Mark Reed discuss Ringo Starr dropping the infringement case with the Adult Toy Ring O

Defamation and the Internet

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.7

Solicitor Mark Reed and Solicitor Advocate and Lawdit founder Michael Coyle discuss defamation, the rise in cases due to the internet and the process in which we assist clients.

Website Compliance – Stay Legal

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.6

Solicitor Advocate Michael Coyle and Solicitor Mark Reed discuss the impact of the internet on the Highstreet and the transition to ecommerce and the legal compliance requirements for websites.

An Introduction to Lawdit Music

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.5

This podcast is a discussion between Solicitor Advocate Michael Coyle and Solicitor Mark Reed introducing Lawdit Music for new artists trying to navigate the various agreements and protections.

What is a trade mark?

The Mark Wing Podcast EP.4

This podcast is the first in our trade mark basics series and sees our solicitor Ellis Sweetenham who specialises in intellectual property, providing an introduction to trade marks and asking the key question, what is a trade mark?

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.3

Today’s podcast is a discussion between Solicitor Advocate Michael Coyle and Solicitor Mark Reed about the latest trade mark news, relating to the Oatly dispute.

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.2

This podcast sees an introduction to Staylegal, the one stop shop to ensure your website is legal and compliant. Our Director Michael Coyle chats with one of our solicitors Ellis Sweetenham about how Staylegal began and the benefits it can bring for your business. Please check out staylegal.co.uk for further information.

The Mark Wing Podcast Ep.1

Where in this podcast we introduce Lawdit and Southampton Solent University, talk about life as a Solicitor, academia and looking for a training contract.

Mark Paul Wing passed away on 19 June 2020 and was a dear friend and colleague to everyone at Lawdit and Southampton Solent University. From time to time we shall be posting podcasts from interesting folks from not only the legal profession but from the world of commerce and education, it’s dedicated to the big man; thank you Mark.